Who We Are

Our Mission

“NNCH develops, owns, and manages high-quality affordable housing coupled with supportive services for those most in need in our community.”

We are a Community Housing Development Organization.

Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) are non-profit, community-based service organizations that have obtained or intend to obtain staff with the capacity to develop affordable housing for the community it serves. These organizations must meet certain requirements pertaining to capacity and experience, organizational structure, and legal status. They must have among their purposes the provision of decent housing that is affordable to low and moderate income persons. CHDOs must be recertified annually.

As a CHDO, organizations have access to development and operating funds not available to non-CHDO developers. CHDOs may also serve as subrecipients and administer programs for the WCHC.

For more information on federal regulations, requirements, and eligible activities, visit HUD or CHDO online, or call WCHC staff at 775-334-2578.

Matthew Fleming, Executive Director

Matthew Fleming

Executive Director
Phone: 775.337.9155 x109
Fax: 775.337.9166

Email: mfleming@nnch.org

Jocelyn Graham

Jocelyn Graham

Deputy Executive Director / CFO
Phone: 775.337.9155 x107
Fax: 775.337.9166

Email: jgraham@nnch.org